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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long do I get paid if I sell a property via Vhumi?

In the normal way. Your transaction takes place as it normally would and Vhumi does not get involved in any payments. Nor do we take any commissions for the sale. Our bonus comes if you return to list another property or consider upgrading your account to a Broker or Agency status.

How much does Vhumi membership cost?

Vhumi wants to help everyone buy the best value property possible. For most of us, this means paying the lowest price possible. For this reason, we don't charge any commissions or buyer fees. It's free to list and free to search and enquire. We call that a win/win.

What membership levels are available to list more than one property at once?

Our easy to follow plans let you choose the most suitable option for you.

INDIVIDUAL - Free to join and list a property for sale or lease in BD

BROKER - List from 2 - 5 properties for sale or lease in BD

AGENCY - List from 6 to 15 properties across 5 brokers to push your agency in BD

CORPORATE - Unlimited listings and brokers for the best return possible 

How do I edit or remove a payment method?

In your Dashboard you can control your payment method and check status of your account. Keep your account in good standing to ensure your listings and brokers stay live!


How do I start selling or leasing a property?

First step is to make the decision to sell or lease a property and what terms you are comfortable with.

Once you're ready, it's easy!

STEP 1: Register for a suitable membership account

STEP 2: List your property for sale or rent

STEP 3: Accept enquiries from interested parties

STEP 4: Increase interest in your property and close the sale on your terms! 

Simple hey? What are you waiting for? Get Vhumi BUY RENT SELL today.

How do I find a house to buy or lease in BD?

The first step is to decide on your location and budget requirements to enable the search to include as many options as possible. 

One you're ready, the rest is easy!

STEP 1: Register for an account on Vhumi

STEP 2: Start your search using our advanced search functions

STEP 3: Negotiate with real brokers and vendors to find the most appropriate lease or buying opporutnity

STEP 4: Negotiate and settle on the deal of a lifetime

It's really that easy to find a new property to buy and sell in BD!


Why do I need to upload images of my property?

A picture tells a thousand words! And with property, there is a unique opportunity to explain a lot of the important 'discovery' information to potential buyers BEFORE they waste time contacting you as unqualified.

What are the best images to upload of my property?

Every single angle and feature should be shown in your image collection. Vhumi allows a range of angles and floor plans to be included to ensure our viewers get the full picture.

Can I include drone footage of my property?

Yes - you can easily upload any media to play in your listing and upgrade your account for increased image allowances.

Agencies & Corporates

How many Brokers can I assign to my Agency or Corporate?

Agency account owners can upload upto 5 Brokers to their profile.

Corporate account owners can upload unlimited Brokers to their profile.

How often do I need to pay my account?

Pay monthly before the due date or on auto billing each month OR pay per year and $ave!